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This Christmas season Renaissance Road is reaching out to those in need around us. There are several opportunities you have to help out. You can contact the organizer of each event for more information! The events are: December 4 Dinner and Christmas Gifts for Foster Families of the Triad – North High Point – Pam Barrier […]


Message Transcript: The Elephant in the Room, week 4: Legalization of Pot

BY PASTOR JASON GOINS Go ahead and open your Bibles to Romans 6:12. While you’re turning, this morning, we’re going to be talking about marijuana, about the mary jane, the hashish, the hemp, the hippie lettuce. Most legal experts agree that it is only a matter of time before use of marijuana, on some form, […]


Message Transcript: The Elephant in the Room, week 3: The Confederate Flag

BY PASTOR JASON GOINS One of the most earth-shaking moments of my life happened during my junior year of college. I show up for a psychology class, and there are probably a couple of hundred people there. And the professor has us all line up single file outside on a big football field, and we […]


Message Transcript: The Elephant in the Room, week 1: Homosexuality

BY PASTOR JASON GOINS      editor’s note: the following is a transcript of the message from R2’s worship experience on October 11th, 2015. It is the first of the series “One Story – Book Nine: The Elephant in the Room” which is focused on controversial topics. This message is titled “Homosexuality.” R2Live.tv will be […]